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Welcome. This website has been designed to accompany an introductory workshop about free, open-source software. gnu logo

This site and the workshop include dual paths for the exploration of free, open-source software. On the more theoretical path, visitors and participants can explore the philosophy and history of the free software movement, including the definition and licensing of free software and the development, definition, and licensing of open-source software. The implications of free, open-source software for educational institutions will be critically evaluated.

The more practical path will lead visitors and participants to the major categories of free, open-source software (e.g., operating systems, server programs, utilities, and end-user applications). Leading projects in each category will be identified. Examples of free, open-source software will be presented and used in the workshop.

Upon completion of the workshop and as a result of viewing this website's contents, visitors and participants will:penguin

  • Identify the main concepts of free, open-source software and compare the philosophy, assumptions, and goals of the free software movement with that of proprietary software development.

  • Identify leading examples of free, open-source software and evaluate their potential use in educational settings.

  • Consider the concept of free, open-source software as it might apply to other areas of educational materials and survey the growing use of free, open-source software internationally.

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Workshop slides in PDF format: PDF