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15-Jan-2018 GNU (Free Software) statistics program, PSPP. Find it at: pspp/pspp.html

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Notes for Statistics Texts

Even though statistics texts are generally well written and contain many illustrations and examples, an alternate explanation of the material can support further insights.

Descriptive Statistics

Illustrate patterns and differences with graphical representations. Summarize characteristics with measures of center, spread, skewness, kurtosis, and degree of relationship.

Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis tests of differences, trends, relationships, predictions, and patterns. Describe results by reporting statistical significance, confidence intervals, and effect sizes.

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Notes for Salkind's Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics (3rd Ed.)


Descriptive Statistics

Distributions and Graphs

Correlations and Regression

Statistical Inference, Sampling, and Probability

Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Significance, and Independent t Tests

Dependent t Tests and Analysis of Variance

Inferential Correlation and Regression

Chi-Square Analysis and Other Non-Parametric Tests

Decision Tree

Notes for Steinberg's Statistics Alive!

Introduction, Frequencies, and Graphs

Central Tendency, Dispersion, Correlation, and Regression

Normal Distribution, z Scores, and Transformations

Hypothesis Testing, Error, Statistical Significance, Power, and Effect Size

Comparing Means: Types of t Tests

Analysis of Variance and Inferential Correlation and Regression

Chi-Square Analysis and Other Non-Parametric Statistics